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When you decide to go for our irrigation system, you can trust us to serve you 24/7 and help you maintain your product. You will get the solution from us whether you require a design for a small or large field application. Every pivot is designed for specific climatic, topographical and cropping conditions. If you want to program your computer for spray packages, Wayne will personally help you out by demonstrating it.

Designing for small and large field applications

You can manage your water more efficiently by using our state-of-the-art wireless irrigation network. We are backed up by 43 years of experience in irrigation systems.

  • Your property will be surveyed

  • We determine water availability

  • Your land size will be determined

  • We calculate the cost per acre

  • You get computer assisted


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FieldNET's controller saves time and gives you complete control of pivots, pumps, wells and injectors. It allows monitoring of pressure, flow, rainfall and temperature sensors for better decision making. The system optimizes water and energy use efficiency with Basic VRI (Variable Rate Irrigation) that controls up to 360 sectors. You can easily access and control pumps and valves for irrigation scheduling. By remotely controlling the injectors, you can ensure yield-maximizing nutrient management and crop protection. Golden Spread International Services Inc. is located in Memphis, TX.

Use FieldNET in your irrigation network to reap benefits

Get an 8-year warranty on drive train and a 20-year warranty on center pivots.

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