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The weather always has an impact on outdoor equipment, especially in the winter. When this happens, we travel and service your motors and gear boxes. We winterize your pivot and get it ready for the coming season. In case your pivot is torn up due to a storm, we work with insurance companies to get it repaired quickly. This is necessary especially when your crops are starving and need to be watered.

24/7 proven services for your irrigation system

We keep your irrigation working at peak performance throughout your growing season. You get an 8-year warranty on drive train and a 20-year warranty on

center pivots.

  • Winterization

  • Downtime prep between crops

  • Center pivot service

  • Side roll parts

Enjoy complete irrigation coverage

Even if you had bought your irrigation system from another company, you can always call us at Golden Spread International Services Inc., of Memphis, TX for service and repairs. We can service any center pivot system or brand. If your irrigation system is experiencing water leaks due to the underground pop, contact us to fix it immediately. We have minimal requests for side roll parts, but always keep them in stock. You can call us to service your PVC pipe which is underground and goes from the well to the pivot. We service underground electrical wiring which goes from the power support to the pivot. We always stand behind our work and our labor, but Lindsay Zimmatic services are available if ever there is a problem that Golden Spread International Services Inc. cannot solve.

Providing you the right parts and services for 43 Years

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  • Irrigation motors

  • PVC pipe

  • Electrical wiring

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