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Use our computerized irrigation management system to enjoy the benefits of irrigation while making it more efficient. With FieldNET, you can monitor the status of the pivot, irrigation motors, chemical pumps, or anything that has to do with irrigation and control them with radios, smartphones, tablets or computers. In fact, you can program the pivots to let out the exact amount of water necessary, and you will be notified when the task is completed.

Reap the benefits of wireless irrigation

You can manage your water more efficiently by using our state-of-the-art wireless irrigation network. You can rely on our 43 years of experience in irrigation systems.

  • With fewer trips to the field, you save time and money

  • Receive real-time alerts

  • Know the status of all equipment

  • Get system insights and locations of equipment

  • Exact malfunction detection

  • Get damage assessment prior to service call

Increase your yield and decrease your expenses

FieldNET Pivot Control is an innovative controller designed to retrofit almost any existing electric pivot brand and creates one universal look and feel. The pivot control can change the way you manage your entire irrigation system. FieldNET Wireless Irrigation Network offers you a better way to irrigate any crop on varied terrain and soils. You can now increase your yield and utilize the natural resources with the help of Golden Spread International Services Inc. located in Memphis, TX.

Manage your entire irrigation system with FieldNET

Enjoy an 8-year warranty on drive train and a 20-year warranty on center pivots. Call us now:


Wireless Irrigation